A Voice for Cattle Producers

Building a sustainable future for the U.S. cattle industry.

USCA works tirelessly and strategically for only one policy priority: strengthening the bottom line of the U.S. cattle producer. From working towards fair and balanced trade agreements to reestablishing a country-of-origin labeling program to protecting the health of the domestic herd, everything we do is to make your everyday life easier and your profits stronger.

As a grassroots organization, we depend on producers like YOU to serve as leaders of our industry. We're focused on the future of the industry - not just tomorrow, but five, ten, fifteen years down the road - and we're based in Washington, D.C. to ensure our message is heard loud and clear by lawmakers. You have the best genetics, the best management program and the best marketing strategy - all you're missing is the best representation on Capitol Hill.


Our Leadership

To contact our leadership team, please email usca@uscattlemen.org.


Brooke Miller


Chuck Kiker


Beaumont, TX

Justin Tupper

Vice President

Kenny Graner

Mandan, ND

Past President

Whitney Klasna

Lambert MT



Curtis Martin

Region I: Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii

North Powder, OR

Jack Payne

Region II: California and Nevada

Fallon, NV

Open Seat

Region III: Arizona and New Mexico

Brett Crosby

Region IV: Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado

Cowley, WY

Paul Looney

Region V: Texas

Mineral, TX

Chris Skorupa

Region VI: Montana and Idaho

Roberts, MT

Lee Reichmuth

Region VII: Nebraska & Iowa

Lindsey, NE

Larry Kendig

Region VIII: Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma

Osborne, KS

Kevin Smith

Region IX: Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama

Decatur, AR

Justin Tupper

Region X: North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota

St. Onge, SD

Kevin Escobar

Region XI: Florida and Georgia

Dade City, FL

Bobby Grove

Region XII: West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina


Samuel Ebenkamp

Region XIII: Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan

Otwell, IN

James R. Smail

Region XIV: Ohio, Wisconsin and Illinois

Wooster, OH

Robert Groom

Region XV: Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut New Jersey, Delaware and Rhode Island

Lyons, NY

Jordan Booth

Region XVI: Native American Reservations

Wister, OK

Leo McDonnell

Director Emeritus

Columbus, MT

Frank Tomac

Affiliate Director Seat New Mexico Cattle Growers Association

Representing I-BAND

Our Team

Kelly Fogarty

Executive Vice President


Kelly manages the administration of day-to-day operations, the implementation of programs and policies, and communicates regularly with the Executive Team, Board of Directors and Committee Leadership.

Lia Biondo

Director of Policy Outreach


Lia coordinates USCA’s Capitol Hill presence, while also managing USCA’s communications operations. Lia also assists in the planning of USCA’s Washington, D.C Fly-In and annual meeting, in addition to the Cattle Producer’s Forum.

Jess Peterson

Senior Policy Analyst


Jess serves as USCA’s senior policy analyst, guiding USCA’s organizational objectives and ensuring the effective delivery of USCA’s key priority messages.

Kelly Polzin

Director of Membership Services


KP oversees the development and advancement of all membership recruitment and retention programs while maintaining accurate records of current members.