USCA Opposes Any Restrictions to SNAP in Upcoming Farm Bill

USCA Pens Letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson

In a May 9 letter, USCA President Justin Tupper expressed opposition to any restrictions on SNAP in upcoming Farm Bill.

“Restricting SNAP purchases is a slippery slope that could be easily misused and manipulated in future Farm Bill negotiations or Administration priorities,” he wrote.

Specifically, the letter expressed concern with the vaguely defined “nutrient dense” language. No determined list of foods in or out of the definition has been provided, “ultimately placing more burdens on consumers and running a high risk of definition bias, setting dangerous precedents for future iterations of this crucial farm policy.”

“The livestock industry is already under constant attack by the false rhetoric of those that choose to exclude animal products from their diets, and it is critical that there is no room for subjectivity when it comes to defining the term ‘nutrient dense’ as utilized in the House Agriculture Appropriations legislation,” the letter continued.

The letter in its entirety follows.