U.S. Cattle Producers Reaffirm Safety, Transparency of Beef Supply Chain

(APRIL 19, 2023) – In response to efforts in the Missouri State Legislature to regulate products sold, distributed for use, or administered to a person that are designed with intent to alter a person’s genome, the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) issues the following statement:

“A viral tweet issued earlier this month called our attention to House Bill 1169, sponsored by Missouri state representative Holly Jones. Similar legislation is also being introduced in Tennessee, Arizona, and other states, with plans underway to attempt to implement a state-by-state regulatory framework for labeling of products that could act as a ‘gene therapy or that could possibly impact, alter or introduce genetic material or a genetic change into the user.’

“First, let us be clear. USCA strongly supports truth in labeling on consumer goods and full transparency throughout the supply chain. Accordingly, we support the underlying intent of Missouri House Bill 1169 that seeks to provide greater information to consumers.

“Currently, there are no mRNA vaccines licensed for beef cattle in the U.S. Since little is known about the technology, our organization will be forming a task force to develop a fact- and science-based assessment of the issue. We invite all members of the beef supply chain to participate in these discussions and look forward to identifying ways through legislation, regulation, or voluntary measures to increase transparency in the development and application of livestock vaccines and other gene therapies.

“Consumers deserve to know how their food is produced. USCA will continue to prioritize the safety and transparency of the beef supply chain and advocate for the health and wellbeing of its consumers, as it always has.”