Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer Introduces Cattle Market Transparency Bill

(SEPTEMBER 22, 2020) – On Tuesday, U.S. Senator Deb Fisher (R-NE) introduced the Cattle Market Transparency Act of 2020, which focuses on two main elements: ensuring regionally sufficient negotiated cash trade, and equipping producers with more information.

United States Cattlemen’s Association Board Member Lee Reichmuth issued the following statement on the bill:

“As a Nebraska cattle producer, I echo the same sentiments expressed by Senator Fischer on the impacts to our livelihood of increased packer consolidation, decreased competition, and a declining cash market. This bill builds off the recommendations provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in its Boxed Beef and Fed Cattle Price Spread Investigation Report and discussions producers across the U.S. are having in response to historically low cattle prices and a dysfunctional marketplace.

“USCA has led on this conversation, through our work on Capitol Hill and bringing folks together in the countryside via events like the 2020 Winter Thaw.  The USCA Marketing and Competition Committee is currently reviewing the legislation in its entirety and will report its findings in the days ahead.”

Read the Bill Summary. | Read the Bill Text.