Meet your Region XI Director: Kevin Escobar

(JUNE 6, 2021) – Three new directors from across the country have been selected to join the ranks of existing United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) leadership. Spanning from the Mid-Atlantic to the Pacific Northwest (and everywhere in-between!), USCA’s dedicated leadership connects us to our producer membership and drives our association forward.

The USCA membership is structured into regions that, builds  our grassroots strength and connects us to local priorities. From there, we can use these regional breakouts  to mobilize our membership and produce focused results on Capitol Hill. USCA’s regional directors serve as the conduit to these regions, representing members in their states and providing leadership, connections, and guidance.

Newly appointed director of Region XI is Kevin Escobar. Representing the states Florida and Georgia, Escobar has come right out of the chute as an active and dynamic leader. He is already engaged in telling the story of ranchers and their commitment to providing a sustainable and nutritious beef product through the Facebook group he administers, “My Sustainable Beef Story”. Within two weeks of its launch, the group grew to over 250 members and provides real-life stories of sustainability in the cattle-raising sector.

Escobar started out in the cattle business by working cattle for other people. He took that knowledge and began helping small operations grow their programs. Escobar’s full-time occupation is in retail sales, and he also has a small business assisting other operations in managing their cattle and pastures. He has partnered in a Registered Beefmaster program and runs a grass-fed beef program with his wife.

As he describes it, “My passion for horses and cattle was inherited from my grandfather, who owned one of the largest privately held ranches in Cuba before communism took over the country. My wife comes from a long line of cattle producers. The Pearce family is one of the original pioneer families of Florida and one of the first to raise cattle in Florida. We are passing this passion on to our young daughter who, at only two years old, is showing a great interest in and enjoys being with the cows every chance she gets.”

The couple developed their  grass-fed program by taking a close look at cattle prices and tough profitability, ultimately using the offspring of the cattle they manage and raising them for local beef. This creates a mutual benefit for both the owner and themselves through better profitability. The Registered Beef Master program, a recent endeavor, has the end goal of taking their newly bought bred heifers and growing their numbers large enough to start a seed stock program. Having begun with excellent genetics and a bull lined up to breed back, the program is set for growth and expansion.

Escobar accepted the USCA leadership position simply to be of service. Recognizing that leadership brings growth, he is eager to bring his passion for cattle and improving the industry to the USCA. As he explains, “My purpose in accepting this position was simply to be a voice for Florida and Georgia cattle producers where a voice was lacking. I am open to hearing your thoughts and concerns and assisting any way that I can to address them. As a cattle producer first and foremost, I am willing to work with anyone, regardless of association. My purpose is to help you improve your cattle operations, the lives of your families and the prospects of future generations. “

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check out his website at E Bar Cattle Company.