Livestock Mandatory Reporting Authorization Extended to Dec. 3

(SEPTEMBER 30, 2021) – With only hours to spare, Congress on Thursday passed legislation to avoid a government shutdown. The continuing resolution, which funds the government through December 3, passed the Senate 65-35 and cleared the House on a 254-175 vote.

The measure temporarily extends authority for the Livestock Mandatory Reporting program through December 3. Additionally, it provides $10 billion in producer assistance for 2020 and 2021 losses, including broader coverage of drought losses and the addition of excessive heat and freeze as covered events. Nearly $750 million of that funding would be earmarked for livestock producers for 2021 losses due to drought or wildfire. 

While the House has passed all twelve of its appropriations bills, the Senate has only considered three of its bills and none have been passed by the full chamber. The funding extension through December 3 is to give the Senate more time to advance their appropriations priorities.

The extension also gives the USCA Marketing & Competition Committee more time to advance our priorities related to the Livestock Mandatory Reporting program.

The industry MUST come to a consensus before the December 3 deadline on important items like setting a minimum level of negotiated cash trade, establishing a cattle contract library, and other much needed reforms. LMR is already operating on a one-year extension of its authority, these programmatic changes cannot be delayed another year. 

USCA will work between now and December 3 on pushing forward a regular order, five-year reauthorization of LMR that includes critical updates to improve transparency and true price discovery in the cattle marketplace.

If you want to be a part of those discussions, we have a spot on our policy committee for you! Contact us to get involved