Join the Conversation with Oklahoma Farmers Union President Scott Blubaugh

On Thursday, the House Agriculture Committee held a hearing to review the state of the livestock hearing. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Senator Chuck Grassley testified on their own before a panel of industry witnesses took the stand. 

One of those witnesses included Mr. Scott Blubaugh of Tonkawa, Oklahoma and President of the Oklahoma Farmers Union. Please join us for our monthly Horn Wrap call on Tuesday, October 12 at 7:00am MST with Mr. Blubaugh to learn more about the nearly four-hour hearing from the perspective of someone who took the stand.

We’ll discuss his preparation for the hearing, what he hopes lawmakers took from his testimony, his perspective of other witness testimony, and overall highlights from the day.

Pour yourself a cup and dial in at 7:00am MST; you are welcome to actively participate in the conversation or just listen in on mute during chores.

Tuesday, October 12
6am PDT | 7am MDT | 8am CDT | 9am EDT 
Dial: 866-254-5984
No code needed.