Details of COVID-19 Stimulus Package Released

(DECEMBER 21, 2020) – Today, the House and Senate will vote on a massive 5,593-page, $900 billion coronavirus relief package after months of intense negotiations. The House and Senate Agriculture Committees released summaries of the bill, which includes $26 billion allocated to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, split evenly between nutrition and agriculture programs.

In short, the package includes:

  • Supplemental  payments to cattle producers (based on a formula for losses not covered under CFAP 1);  Includes about $60mn for grants to meat processors to meet federal standards;
  • Includes livestock dealer trust;
  • Requires Secretary to make payments to contract livestock/poultry growers (they weren’t eligible for CFAP previously);
  • At least $20 million for maintaining/improving animal disease response capacity.

The Fiscal Year 2021 spending bills included within the package include:

  • A one-year extension of Livestock Mandatory Reporting;
  • An exemption from the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) mandate for livestock haulers.

Read the full summary here.