USCA Members Donate Beef to Feed Communities Impacted by Tornadoes

(December 23, 2021) – Thanks to an effort led by the United States Cattlemen’s Association’s (USCA) Independent Beef Processing Committee, over 800 pounds of U.S. beef is on its way to feed to communities in western Kentucky affected by recent tornado events.

At least 74 people — including 12 children — perished, and more than 100 people are still missing after a devastating storm system pushed across the area earlier this month.

The Louisville-based nonprofit, The LEE Initiative, which launched its Western Kentucky Disaster Relief Fund, mobilized immediately after the storm ravaged the state, pledging $15,000 towards relief and partnering with local food trucks to provide water and meals for area residents. 

The group will host a Christmas Eve dinner for community residents and first responders utilizing the beef donated by USCA members.

“We cannot imagine what these residents must be going through, as they grieve those they have lost in the storms, and survey the damage to their homes and communities,” said USCA President Brooke Miller. “Our members stepped up, in the best way we know how, to offer a small reprieve in the form of homegrown, American beef. We hope this Christmas Eve community dinner provides a touch of holiday spirit during this especially difficult time.”

Learn more about the Western Kentucky Disaster Relief Fund, or donate, at

Other Ways to Help this Holiday Season 

High winds and dry conditions resulted in multiple wildfires in western Kansas earlier this month. Ranchers across Rooks County, Ellis County, Osborne County, and Russell County lost hundreds of cattle in what is being called the “Four County Fire.”

At times, the winds gusted more than 100 mph in parts of Kansas, stoking wildfires from the Great Plains to the Missouri River Valley.

The wildfires prompted the Kansas Livestock Association and other ag groups to begin coordinating donations of feed, fencing supplies and cash for affected ranchers. 

Heartland Regional Stockyards at Plainville will serve as a collection and distribution point for hay and supplies. Heartland has some cane hay on hand for those who need feed quickly. Contact the auction market at (785) 688-4080, Landon Schneider at (785) 259-3234 or Brandon Hamel at (785) 434-6280. Russell Livestock also is taking hay donations. Stockwater tanks are a need, too. 

A supply donation site for those impacted by fire in southwestern Lane County and surrounding counties has been set up at 3 E Rd 120, Dighton, KS. To coordinate a drop-off, call Erik Steffens at (620) 397-1687.     Cash donations can be made through the Kansas Livestock Foundation (KLF), KLA’s charitable arm, by clicking here or sending a check, with “wildfire relief” written in the memo line, to 6031 S.W. 37th, Topeka, KS 66614. All proceeds will be used to help those affected by the recent weather event.  If you are in need of supplies or would like to make an in-kind donation, call KLA at (785) 273-5115.

“Paradise Livestock Strong” will host an auction on Thursday, December 23 at 7:00pm Central to benefit the livestock families devastated the wild fire in and around Paradise, Kansas.  Proceeds of all lots go to the families who lost livestock, equipment, and homes in the Four County Fire in and around Paradise, Kansas  on December 15, 2021