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2015 Proposed Dietary Guidelines:

Comment Period Extended: NEW Deadline, May 8th: Click HERE to submit comments.


While reviewing the public comments that were made to the US Department of Agriculture regarding Checkoff reform under the 1996 Checkoff Act, our executive board was totally blindsided by the number of comments that came not from the beef industry, and not from beef industry groups, but from people with no interest in cattle at all. They were from environmental and nutritional interests, many who are not friends of the industry.

The USDA takes into account all comments submitted on a Federal Register notice, no matter the individual or group's connection or knowledge of the industry. To better serve you, and to better serve our industry, we are asking you to send in your comments regarding the proposed 2015 nutritional guidelines. All comments must be submitted online by the revised deadline of May 8th.

Please feel free to submit a comment letter based on the template letter we’ve created, or, write your own letter—just be sure to submit by the May 8th deadline! The most important thing is that the beef cattle industry make their views know. This is your chance to use your freedoms and make your voices heard. You can view a template letter HERE.

Please pass this information along to fellow cattle ranchers and friends who may be willing to take five minutes to help protect and promote the beef industry.

For more information, please see the most recent Capital Update or contact Kelly Fogarty at:


Danni Beer
USCA President

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USCA has submitted official comments to the report; you may view them HERE;
be sure to submit your comments by the deadline THIS FRIDAY, MAY 8th